About us

Jacqueline Snoeker, (Dutch nationality) got a legal education at Leiden University (The Netherlands), and after her graduation in 1989, she started as a banker for 150 mid-sized companies, at ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam. A service oriented job, in which she strengthened her financial knowledge and her knowledge about doing business in general.

In 1992 she joined Royal Ahold nv, as Deputy Council for the Corporate Executive Board. Together with the General Council, she was responsible for the support of the Corporate Executive Board. She learnt
a lot, amongst others how a big, international, publicly listed company defines and executes its long term strategy.

In 1995 she became a regional manager for Albert Heijn, the biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands; in this job, she learnt how to manage appr. 35 supermarkets and all its staff. Moreover,
she experienced the daily practise in retail business, and she got a lot of insights in consumer behaviour.

Mid 1999 she entered in the wine industry: she became Category Manager Wine at the headquarters of Albert Heijn. In those days, the Category Manager was responsible for both purchasing and marketing/sales of the wine category. Apart from purchasing, it was a good way to learn much more about marketing and merchandising, external communication, PR, etc.

At the end of 2003, she took the initiative to establish the Ahold Wine Buying Center, the department
responsible for purchasing all wines on behalf of Albert Heijn, Gall & Gall (specialty stores) and Albert supermarkets in the Czech Republic. In total > 1750 stores. She managed this department of 7 sourcing professionals for 11 years.

After a reorganization in summer 2014, she was appointed as Sourcing Director Drinks. In that function, she was not only managing the sourcing department of wines (see above), but also the purchasing of beers, soft drinks/juices/water and coffee/tea.

She left Ahold per November 2015.